A Wonderful Way To Get Drunk: Charge It 2 The Game – Review For Our Drinking Games Lovers!

A Wonderful Way To Get Drunk: Charge It 2 The Game – Review For Our Drinking Games Lovers!

The name confuses you a bit, doesn’t it? To be honest, you can’t know what’s it all about…I can’t help but spoil it: It’s a drinking card game! Hooray! It’ll all make sense when I explain all the rules, just be patient.

Charge It 2 The Game is a game full of drinking cards, which make every adult party way more enjoyable, no matter the occasion. Just as every drinking card game, it tends to bring people closer, and of course, take some shots together.

What we like to say about drinking games (which makes us feel less guilty about drinking), is that finally, we have a good enough reason to drink, a card asks you to, you know, you don’t just drink unreasonably without meaning (or you do, we never know that!)…

Okay, we got it, but you need more details, don’t you? The number of cards, content, when do you have to drink, how many players can be included, is it appropriate for all people, does it get boring, did we try it ourselves, and lots more details are about to be explained in detail, just keep calm! 

The idea of this game is to create authenticity by reliving everyone’s most memorable childhood & teenage & adulthood memories, just by reading and playing the cards. 

Here are the main points of this article, all about this incredibly good game: 

  • All the questions you may ask about the game;
  • How does the box look & What’s inside it?;
  • How do you play (details) & Our game experience;
  • Does it have any extra pack, besides the main game?;
  • Where can we buy it & Is there any competition?;
  • A summary: Does it have a good rate when it comes to us?

All The Questions You May Ask About The Game

  • First things first, what is the age range allowed to play this game?
    • It’s pretty logical… It is a drinking game – and drinking isn’t allowed till 21, so, Charge It 2 The Game can’t be played by people under the age of 21+.
  • How many players can play at once?
    • Well, as the manufacturers recommend, it can be played by 2 up to 20 players.
  • Who manufacturers the game, and what are its designers?
    • Obviously, the game is manufactured by CI2TG, and it was designed by Matt Castro, a graphic designer.
  • When was the game released?
    • As you may assume, it is one of the newest games. They started selling the game in September of last year, 2020, and it went viral in October of the same year! 
  • Do they have an official website?
    • Great news: yes, they do! It’s called Charge It 2 The Game (CI2TG), where you can also buy the games and other stuff! 
  • How many cards are inside the box?
    • 90 cards in the first volume, and on the other packs… never mind, we’ll keep the others a surprise for a while.
  • Is it complicated & are there hard instructions to follow?
    • Absolutely not. All the rules are pretty simple, and all you have to do is read the cards, which tell you exactly what you have to do & and when you have to drink.
  • Does it have any expansion, or it only comes as the original game?
    • Another great news, yes, it also has Volume 2, and the After Dark Edition… And three other ones, which will be revealed in the specific section!

How Does The Box Look & What’s Inside It?

It’s gonna be a very creative one, let me tell you before you have the chance to see it. Take a deep breath… here it is:

Charge It 2 The Game - Box

To be honest, the box kinda tells a story itself. These 3 weird men, trying to sell you something, but they don’t seem to be sure about their job though, they’d scare me if I bought a thing from them… 

There are also these beverages, cups, a credit card, and of course, our lovely (drum rolls…) Charge It 2 The Game!!! The name is written in capitalized letters, in various colors, including here light blue, purple, and red (or whatever that is…)

Of course, it also has a back of the box, how can you imagine a box without a backside? That’s right, you barely can! Here’s how the CI2TG back of the box looks:

Charge It 2 The Game - Back Of The Box

The back doesn’t have lots of design or stuff, but it isn’t supposed to! There are written the most important details we need to know, that are the age range, the number of players, the basic rules (not directly, but tells us that the cards are self-explanatory), a request (if I may say) for us to drink responsibly, and so on… 

Furthermore, there’s also a QR code to scan, which after scanning sends you to… guess what… The official website, which I think is a smart thing, especially for people who haven’t ever heard of the game, and after seeing it in the market, just scan the code, and they get all the information!  

Now, what’s inside a card game’s box? Cards, right? Of course, there can’t be another answer! Well, Charge It 2 The Game has 90 cards inside, which are just enough for a good game. Each one of them is unique and has its humor on it. You’ll gonna love them…. Here’s how it looks once you open the box: 

Charge It 2 The Game - Inside The Box

The cards are just as large as the box ( which is 4.92 x 2.87 x 1.42 inches) and it’s pretty fun – unless you have small hands… The cards are made of high quality, and they can’t be destroyed that easily. 

We know you can barely wait until you get the game, that’s why we’re gonna show you some of the cards. Enjoy:

CI2TG Card Example 1

Tattoo lovers… I’m afraid you’ll have to drink… I mean, only if you have these basic tattoos, a cloud, flower (or even rose), bird, or a lion…

CI2TG Card Example 2

Oh God, that’s gonna be a little challenging, isn’t it? Who can stay off the hone for that long? Is this a challenge? Yes, it is!!! 

CI2TG Card Example 3

Women love fake eyelashes, you don’t know the confidence they give… No worries ladies, you’re gonna drink, but at least your eyelashes look pretty 😉

You were looking forward to more cards, huh? We know that, but, enough for now… We’re about to show more in the following sections!

My Game Experience: Was It That Fun And Did It Really Get Us Drunk?

I feel like I haven’t explained the rules in detail… That’s understandable. Calm down, I’m gonna do it now! 

First things first, as I mentioned a few times, it can be played by 2 to 20 players (because of the number of cards, it isn’t recommended for more than 20), and it can be played only by people who are 21 or older.

But also, don’t try and play it with over-reacting & sensitive friends, because they may get offended, and you don’t wanna do that! 

Each card tells you exactly what you have to do, so, you won’t have to memorize any specific rule. And while being drunk, that can be a challenge, to be honest… So, you’ll only have to complete challenges, and drink!!! 

Anyways, showing our game experience makes it all more transparent, and we love doing that! I could also play it with only my best friend, you know, as a drinking game for only 2 people, but, more people more fun, that’s known worldwide already!

That’s why I invited 4 of my closest friends to a game night I was hosting and decided to play the newest game I found (which turns out it’s gonna be one of my favs)! 

There was no need for a game judge because we all knew each other, so, we couldn’t lie about a thing, even if we wanted to… We read the cards taking turns, and we didn’t pay attention to it. The point was to understand the card.

Our game started with this card: 

CI2TG Experience Card 1

Do you know that friend in the group who’s always up to text their exes? Well, we had that friend as well… At least she finally had one good enough reason to text him. This means the 4 of us had to drink. Don’t worry, we loved it! 

Next, we continued the game with this ‘innocent’ card: 

CI2TG Experience Card 2

Just reading the card made us laugh, without continuing further… It was amazing how it asked us this question without even caring. I mean, it could at least get shy or something. Anyways, we said no word… We just took our drinks, all of us. 

The way we just admitted the statement without even caring, and the way we just understood everything without even saying a word, made us hold our stomachs out of laughter… There couldn’t be an any better way to start playing it! 

We continued the game with a big bank card, and this is what it said: 

CI2TG Experience Card 3

Since we were all some broke 21, 22-year humans, we caught ourselves counting our pennies, and all of us had a little different from each other. Lucky me, I had some more money in my wallet, so, as you got it, I was safe this time… My 4 teammates had to drink, that’s already known!

Sometimes, some of us, the ones that had low tolerance (if that’s even a word), were allowed to drink non-alcoholic drinks if they wanted to keep track, but anyway, we chose not to. It was our let’s-get-drunk (and forget everything) night!

Undeniably, we used all the cards, but we’re not gonna show all of them, where’s the point of buying it if you already know all the surprises in the cards? But, okay, here are some more cards: 

  • Biggest booty on the room take a shot or balance a cup on it;
  • Without saying names, take a drink if you would sleep with another player;
  • Venmo everybody a dollar or take a shot;
  • Give a player of your choice consent to slap your ass or take a drink.

Since we were all close (we were 3 girls and 2 boys), we didn’t care about any of the challenges, we didn’t even get blushed, it was all normal stuff… 

Now, we know you enjoyed hearing about our experience with the game, and I’m sorry, I couldn’t remember every detail – we were all drunk after some cards, but, when you lay it yourself, you’ll see that it is even more fun!

All I can remember about the game, except the ones I just showed you, is the last card, the one we ended the game: 

CI2TG Experience Card 4

Now imagine, 5 drunk adults, being asked this question… Our heads were having troubleshoots. If I remember clearly, 3 of us said water isn’t wet, it’s just water, it isn’t wet nor dry. I remember we all started arguing and laughing without even knowing what we were saying… 

And yeah, this was it. It was endless fun, yes it got us drunk, to the point we just started laughing without even knowing why, and is there anything better than just laughing?  

We of course got to know more about each other, not by talking, but once we drank, it said a lot about our answer. I’ve also ordered the other packs, still waiting for them :((

Is There Any Other Pack, Besides The Main Game?

Did I make it clear that we LOVE the main game, which if you didn’t know, is the first game released? 

Yes, it’s extremely fun, it made us laugh our hearts out, but, honestly, being this good, and having only 90 cards, can get a little boring when you play it a few times, do you agree? Don’t answer it, I know you do! That’s why, hooray, there do exist 5 other Charge It 2 The Game packs, but we’re gonna show these 3 for now: 

Charge It 2 The Game – Volume 2

Charge It 2 The Game - Vol.2

The second volume is pretty similar to the first one, including here the box design! Of course, the cards are different from one another, the game style, the rules, the cards’ type remains all the same, but the cards are kinda refreshed, and all new! 

It can also be played together with the first volume, and it would just expand the game! Here are what some of the cards say: 

  • Michael Jordan: If you’re under 30 and balding, take a shot;
  • Drink if you’ve ever been in an entanglement;
  •  If you’re a male with a nose ring… take a shot 2Pac;
  • Men take a drink if you’re not 6ft or above.

Charge It To The Game – After Dark 

Charge It 2 The Game - After Dark

Just as volumes 1 and 2, the After Dark edition, has 90 cards inside, which only differ from each other by the cards’ content. The game is all the same, but of course, the cards are all new, it wouldn’t make sense to exist two packs with different names and have the same cards. 

As you may assume, it can also be mixed with any of the volumes, but if you want to try new stuff, it works great as a standalone, here’s what some of the cards say: 

  • Vote: Can your hoeness get deleted? Losing team=drink, tie= everyone drink;
  • All players describe their private arts using one word only;
  • Fellas… if you were ever asked to do the ‘jumpy thing’ with your you know what… take a drink;
  • She makes it clap: if you can make it clap with no hands, do it and give out a shot.

Charge It To The Game – 4 Kings

Charge It 2 The Game - 4 Kings

What makes 4 Kings unique from all the other CI2TG packs, is that this pack has 54 cards, different from the others that had 90. And, what we love is that 4 Kings also has some challenges on the cards, not just votes, or ideas about who has to drink. 

It makes a great collaboration with any of the other packs because there are not lots of cards, but anyways, for a considerable number of players, it works perfectly. Here are some of the cards:

  • The player who pulls out this card, fill your mouth up with water. The rest of the room has 30 seconds to make you spit the water out. Sit=shot, no sit=shot for everyone else. (eyes open, no touching);
  • Reverse the current pulling order;
  • Spin a bottle. Whoever it lands on, either kiss them or take a shot;

As you saw, these are adult card games, obviously because of their content and alcohol! Yeah, there are 2 other packs, which are The Smoke Edition and Friends Giving Cards. They have the same characteristics, but of course, the cards are pretty different from one another.

Where Can We Buy The Game & Is There Any Competition? 

It has happened to us a few times ordering some non-famous games, in non-famous shops, and we were pretty disappointed. That’s why here are some shops you can order Charge It To The Game – and not get disappointed:

We dealt with the price, and the shops, now, what are the game’s competitors? 

1. Under The Influence – $25.00

Under The Influence - Drinking Game

Under The Influence is another great drinking game, meant to be played by 4 to 20 players, as you already know, for adults over the age of 21. A good game usually lasts about 30 or more minutes. 

There’s a total of 200 cards, divided into 4 decks: Brain Benders, Under The Influence, Who’s Who, and Shots No Chaser. There are lots of challenges, tests to get to know each other, dares which ask you to drink and lots more…

2. First & Last – $19.99

First & Last - Drinking Game

First & Last is a game brought by the creators of Buzzed, which has 250 cards inside. Almost all of them start with first or last, which means that that person has to drink, or as we can find in the cards, has to cheers! 

The content is kinda immature, and the game can be played by 3 to 20 players, only if they are 21 or older! It’s pretty fun, and keeps you and your friends hydrated! 

3. Oops My Bad – $19.99

Oops My Bad - Card Game

Oops My Bad, is a card game similar to New Phone Who Dis? And it has a huge set of 500 cards. It works best if it’s played by 3 or more players, which should be 17 years or older. Oops, My Bad is created by the Zenagame creators… 

 The point of the game is to reply in the funniest way possible in one of 7 different inboxes, which could be a dating app, home notes, dm, and some more surprises, If you use Instagram, Tinder messages, or Whatsapp groups – it’s your time to shine!

A Summary: On A Scale from 1-5, What Is Our Personal Rate?

You had the chance to read our experience, to see lots of the cards, to ‘judge’ all of the CI2TG extra packs and what they offer, we showed you various shops from where you can buy the game and lots of other stuff. (You already read them all, didn’t you?)

Now, to answer the question, which is probably waking up that curiosity side of you, we would give it a 4.5, perfection doesn’t exist dude… If you’re interested to know all the good and bad sides of the game (based on our opinion), here’s a conclusion: 

Pros of Charge It 2 The Game Cons of Charge It 2 The Game
The content is very creative;
It can be played up to 20 players;
The box is very fancy & well designed;
The cards are large and made of high quality;
There are lots of packs the manufacturers made that are just like the main game;
The instructions to play are not complicated at all;
It gets you all drunk (if you want to);
Makes you learn more stuff about each other.
Can be played at any party when there are all adults!
Not for people who get shy and give up, it’s only for people who like challenges;
Except for the drinking part, which is for adults only, the content is for adults only as well…

Be careful of who you choose to play the game with, chances are high that over-sensitive people, can get offended by the cards’ content ( they shouldn’t, but anyways)… Also, keep the kids away, because this can be anything but a family card game!

We’ll say it one more time, or to be clear, we’ll say it every time drinking is included: drink carefully… You have to take care of your health and to be able to try the other packs as well 🙂  

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