FAQ - Charge it 2 The Game Drinking Cards

Q: What are the rules to Charge it to the Game? A: Charge it to the Game has simple and engaging rules. Players take turns drawing cards from the deck and follow the instructions or complete the challenges written on the cards. The game includes various activities like challenges, dares, shots, finish these lyrics, and more. The specific rules and instructions are provided in the game's instruction manual or on the packaging.

Q: How do you play Charge it? A: To play Charge it, gather a group of friends and sit in a circle. Shuffle the deck of Charge it to The Game drinking cards and place them face-down in the center. Each player takes turns drawing a card and performs the action or follows the instructions written on the card. The game continues in a clockwise direction, and the fun keeps going as more cards are drawn.

Q: What is the drinking game with cards and cups? A: Charge it to the Game is a drinking game that utilizes cards for a fun and entertaining experience. The game involves drawing cards with various challenges, dares, or activities, which may include taking shots, performing tasks, or participating in other drinking-related activities. It combines the excitement of card games with the social aspect of drinking, making it a popular choice for social gatherings and parties.

Q: How many cards are in a drinking game? A: Charge it to the Game drinking cards include a total of 90 unique cards. Each card features different challenges, dares, or activities designed to keep the game entertaining and lively throughout your gaming sessions.

Q: Who came up with Charge it to the Game? A: Charge it to the Game was created by four black men. Marcus Whiteside, Tyler LaCour-Brown, Tavarus Brown and Brandon Harrison The game was developed to provide a fun and engaging experience for social gatherings, particularly among friends and adults who enjoy drinking card games.